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Good Assistant / Not So Good Assistant

I've been photographing a lot lately but no bribe has been enticing enough to get Atticus in front of the camera to get decent shots of his ever more handsome face. Instead he's been my assistant on recent photo shoots, holding the flash as needed and only asking to get paid in Skittles (not the 2 or 3 pieces as rewarded for normal tasks but a whole pack). "Oh, yeah!", he would say. Resulting in first photo below.

Good assistant? Scratch that. -  There came the turning point when I learn my good little assistant had only wanted me to stop shoving the camera in his face and let him loose as the fun kid he is. Here he is in front of the camera on his own terms. Even though he raided the shot, I couldn't possibly be mad at such a cute kid.

Photos/graphics by Sophorn. Processed by Alienskin Exposure 4, Kodak Technical Pan 24.

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