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Spreading Love at MemFIX

This past Saturday Atticus volunteered to give love advice to strangers even though he said strangers scare him and he gets stage fright easily. So proud of him for volunteering despite his fear.

In action, he got so distracted by the cold hard cash being handed to him that he forgot the person's question then finally answering, "I don't know."

To another question to whether the boy at work likes her, he said too quickly, "no." Giggles all around luckily.

I'm still proud of him.

 \\\ See more photos of Atticus at the LoveBooth and MemFix on seen Memphis. Props to Melissa for putting together the LoveBooth and to the city and their sponsors for putting together the amazing event. It's cool to be a part of LRK, hugely involved in the Sears building renovation project. Crosstown is going to be one heck of a neighborhood.

Film photos by Sophorn.

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  1. Absolutely the most adorable thing ever!


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