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Yeah! Burger & Jeni's Ice Cream - Westside Provisions

Yeah! Burger - genius branding.

For a kid who will not eat burgers, he insisted that our Sunday brunch must be here, only after seeing the Yeah! Burger sign and catching a glimpse of the cartooned wallpaper. I also keep in mind for future graphics to never underestimate the power of the exclamation point. It surely set a happy tone no matter what we were eating. With the extensive options of burgers from vegan to turkey to bison, what does Atticus order in a burger joint but chicken tenders.

With the tagline "Keepin' It Real," they hope to provide real food defined by the use of natural, organic ingredients and sustainable practices. Serving food that is healthier for you and respects the environment AND is pretty delicious - that's the core of the excitement they hope to bring. Read more about their philosophy here.


Right after our superb lunch out on the patio at Yeah! Burger, we walk past the rest of the high-end shops in the industrial West Provisions District over the arched bridge as trains go under, exclaim "Atlanta is so cool!" then find ourselves in Jeni's Ice Cream scoop shop.

Though the summer heat was melting his double chocolate scoops pretty steadily, Atticus' pace was faster. Evidently there was no time to use a napkin. I really do wonder at what age he'll become conscious of that area around his mouth. For now, the chocolate mustache suits him.

[ Happy Birthday to my Independence Day baby. xoxo ]

Photos by Sophorn.

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