Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flaunt your Hat: Help a Cause

Support Dress for Success Memphis in their annual fundraiser with this year's keynote speaker Gina Neely, co-host of Food Network' s Down Home with the Neelys. I'm definitely there.

Come flaunt your favorite hat Saturday, March 21st, 11:30 am
Memphis Marriott East, Thousand Oaks Boulevard
Tickets $50/person
Contact DFS at 901.363.3100 or

Painting by NJ Woods
Photo of Gina Neely courtesy of the Food Network.

the original songs vs. the reinterpretations

Enjoy the latest playlist: 5 great songs sampled in 5 others. I love all 10. And yes, I do love "ice, ice baby." My song that travels me to junior high dance parties but I do love the original more. I've always heard all separately and in this playlist placed them side by side to see which is better, the original or the reinterpretation. And you know, some of the samplers still stand strong against their inspiration. Let me know what you think.

Oh, MIA's Paper Planes is on constant repeat for me especially since seeing it in Slumdog Millionaire, one of my all-time favorite movies. You'll see more postings on Slumdog in the next few days.

You can still find my previous posted music playlists on

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shop Local: Xanadu Music & Books

Amazing reuse of materials, the Lowebowe guitar, a cigar box instrument, is crafted by musician and owner of Xanadu, John Lowe. Each one is unique and can be custom made to suit. I don't play guitar but just appreciate their raw beauty. The one I was able to hear played by Wally, who you will find there on the weekends and is a wealth of music information, was equipped with strings situated so one could play both bass and guitar and with a free foot for the drums could be a one man band. Go take a listen for yourself.

You'll also find other guitars such as BC Rich, Dan Electro, Court, and Pormosa {Spanish guitars}. Plus amplifiers.

Oh, and I can't forget the nice collection of new and used books along side the music room where John sometimes performs with his Lowebowe.

Xanadu Music & Books
2200 Central Ave
Memphis, TN 38104
Tel. +1 901.274.9885

Open Weekdays 11 to 7 ~ Saturday 10 to 7 ~ Sunday 1 to 5

beautiful and inspiring "graffitti"

Photographer JR's latest work may be considered grafitti only because some of his portraits were placed without permission but otherwise would be a form of mural art. Incredible not only because of his ability to capture the human spirit but the shear size and the surfaces on which they are displayed. He helps people to not forget the significance of the individual.

See more of his work at

Monday, February 16, 2009

Half way around the world

Believe or not, this is the view from little bro John's bedroom in Singapore.

John is the view in your room just as nice?

favorite gift: coaster notz

Thank you Amy for the coasters.

We finally read the package and realized we can use them as a writing surface. They match beautifully with our new coffee table.

You can see more Coaster Notz at

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fave finds at Flashback

Here are some great finds during my shopping excursion that I would recommend.

1. the awesome storage dresser/bench with mirror
1950's or 60's by American of Marlinsville
storage unit can slide to anywhere on bench.
it was sold but will be added to my furniture design inspiration sketchbook.

2. great pattern shade lamp from slip
a new designer

3. paper shade floor lamp by noguchi
I am trying to find a tall paper shade to hang as a pendant light.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

the loves of my life

Christopher and Atticus (a little ticklish).
I took the same shots with my medium format in black and white. We'll see if they turn out nicely to frame for the wall next week.

modo furniture venture: sneak peek

We finally have a coffee table! It's kid tough. Custom design and custom made by my new venture with a talented furniture maker: modo furniture - furniture as functional art.
Make sure to take the poll in the side bar or tell us directly what function you need to accommodate.

I'll keep you updated on more info and website when it's up.
I swear I didn't get Atticus to pose. He even happened to help by adding the colorful toys for pops of color.

atticus' side business

Our friends and neighbors, Brett and Sharon alerted us a few months ago that Atticus may be running a side business. How does he find the time?

valentine's day isn't over yet

Happy Valentine's Day

The official day to celebrate love, Valentine's Day is the day I planned to finally launch and invite people for viewing this site. Mainly because the information on norococo will be be all things I love and am passionate about: my family, architecture/design, food, fashion, music... I think I still have 2 hours to figure out the rest of the gadgets and set-ups.

I hope you visit often to hear new playlist I'll design around a new theme and see my fave design finds.


photo caption: valentine on a budget, a paper rose from Christopher

If musicians were architects.

To build a home playlist is essentially a kit, that when assembled, creates a home, a place that only musicians can create. I hope you listen in its entirety to complete your personal home.
Dedicated to my family and friends but particularly to my architecture and design community changing the world by designing a better place.

Playlist selection notes
I chose the more mellow Jack Jackson version of "With my own two hands" rather than Ben Harper's (although still very good) in honor of Atticus. This version is in one of his favorite movies, Curious George.

I wanted to put a boom, boom song for the bedroom phase, but I couldn't find the one I liked: Bedroom by Joe. I couldn't find the artist for "Bedroom Walls" but if you know, please comment.

Other songs that did not make it to the final list but are worth checking are:

  1. at my front door, the el dorados

  2. living room, tegan and sara

  3. rockin chair, gwen mcrae

  4. the robots in my bedroom were playing arena rock, softlighters (Christopher thinks this is the funniest name ever for a song.)

  5. in my bedroom, b5

  6. World Inside My Bedroom, Eiffel 65

  7. bedroom blues, joe pullum/andy boy

  8. one bedroom, troy charles

  9. waiting on the stairs, pela

Friday, February 13, 2009

a song for architects

Lines Build Walls by Ehren Starks
under Creative Common License

To hear visit

I couldn't get the direct play to work on my site.

If only typing the keys in Autocad sounded as beautiful.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello there. This is my very first post so I wanted to start by explaining norococo as the name of my blog. I found an amusing definition of rococo: "A musical style characterized as excessive, ornamental, and trivial." This description also applied to architecture and art of the same era. Seems a little judgemental, doesn't it? Things certainly have changed. In fact, I find that it's quite the opposite in this age: NO rococo! (or just say no to rococo.) I've always believed in living simply and hold what's important closest to me and hope I'm the better for it.

thanks for reading.
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