Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dirk Olsen Photography

Most Memphis photographers or those who dabble in photography probably have met Dirk Olsen buying camera gear or film at Memphis Photo Supply but may not know the expanse knowledge and inspiration they can gain from him. Personally, I, for some time, never thought to ask whether he was a photographer until recently and was blown away and a bit humbled when I actually saw his work. I mentioned to him and others that I do photography but don't consider myself a photographer knowing the quality of work like Dirk's I have yet to achieve.

Dirk was kind enough to share his portfolio {eye candy for today} and allow me to assist on his next photo shoot to learn some photography tips, particularly lighting, for my next feature with him. Please feel free to send me questions you have for him about photography or about him before April 11.

Published work includes MIDSOUTH Magazine { August, Dec 2009}, Live at the Garden {Summer 2009}, Mobile Bay Monthly 2008 Swimsuit Edition, Katie Kalsi Collection {Spring 2009}, and Nashville Home and Garden {December 2008}. He also recently assisted Mike Trobee in shooting promotional photos for the band Shinedown. See more of his work here on his website where you also can contact him.
Photos courtesy of Dirk Olsen. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credits
1. Model, Stevie Shotwell /hair & makeup, Kristie Hartunian 2. Model, Stephanie - test shoot - Chattanooga model 3. Model, Holly/ test shoot / agency, colors / styling, Lisa Thomas 4. Model, Rose / testing lighting with a great local model 5. Model, Staci Boatwright / agency, Neabean / styling, Augusta Campbell / hair & makeup, Emily Oliva 6. Model, Betsy Batt / agency Colors, Block / hair and makeup, Kristie Hartunian / wardrobe provided by Crazy Beautiful 7. Model, Rachael - real bride, first attempt at a bridal portrait 8. Model, Jacqueline Nixon - represented in Orlando / test shoot

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

O-wow ~ Wearable Wall Art

Artist and designer Eunsuk Hur is a recent graduate with a masters in future textiles. Her future that she presents in this collection Nomadic Wonderland is a sustainable approach to combining interior design and fashion. Modular pieces are pieced together by the owner to create beautiful tops and dresses then "stored" as just as beautiful wall art. Click here to read more.

Photos from Eunsuk Hur website. Found via of paper and things.

Habitat for Hope / Business Card Design / Experimenting Pt. 1

The business card design began with cues from the Habitat for Hope identity and evolved from there. One side of the card contains detailed information and information specific to one person while the other side, wew can also call the back side, tries to emphasize the most important pieces of information. The website appearing on most of the back sides since people are asked to be directed there for the latest information on Habitat for Hope. Below is the exception to the option presentation showing two options for the back side for both the first and second option of the front side.

The option above starts to ground the logo appearing to be either a tuft of grass/ground or a set of doors relating to habitat. This began the thought of placing the information under the HFH branch as if saying "Becky Davis"/ the volunteers of HFH create the firm ground where hope grows.

The last two options above take cues from the latest brochure design where the HFH leaf is enlarged and cropped and the text "Habitat for Hope" on a green blade help fill in the white space between the consistent information {address} and changing information of each person.

I personally like the very last option the best but I also need to be aware which can translate well as letterheads as well.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Motivational Monday: Memphian Helps Cambodia

About two months ago, I met Jennifer as she was preparing to leave Memphis for Cambodia to begin her missionary work with the Daughters of Cambodia through the Orphanos Foundation. Actually, she found me through my blog and contacted me hoping I could help prepare her for her first visit to my home country. I could only teach her a few Khmer customs and point her to the entire month of my April postings from last year about Cambodia, but she probably taught me about much bigger things. Jennifer was going to a country she had never been before where the idea of convenience is hardly its defining characteristic. More importantly, she was leaving her family and friends to help women in the sex trade find a decent option to support their family. No matter what country, women need support and a way to empower themselves. That is Jennifer's mission.

With her background in interior design, Jennifer helped renovate and design a shop space {pink building shown above} for the girls and women of Daughters to sell their handcrafted pieces like the ones in the online catalogue and shown below. Their selection of fashion pieces and home accessories are all hand-woven cotton which is entirely natural and eco-friendly.

You can read more about Jennifer and her project and find more information on donating or volunteering through the links below.

Jennifer's Blog / Orphanos Giving / Daughters of Cambodia Catalogue

Jennifer, I am praying for you and, especially now as I am fasting, understand that it's about making sacrifices for God and others. Missing food for a week is not as hard as missing your family and friends for three months. The rewards will overwhelm you. ~Sophorn

Photos from Jennifer Ekedel and Daughters of Cambodia website.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

TO: Wes Anderson FRO: Alex Cornell { and Me. Sort Of }

{Below is the blow-up of the small text floating in movie poster above}

Dear Wes Anderson,

I have found someone as obsessed with your work as I am. He too seems to find you "most intriguing." From you, we learn to love things odd and quirky, embrace imperfections in people and in the design process, and just plain lighten up even in the most serious of serious moments.

So with the extensive marketing package Alex has playfully and veraciously designed for a film festival around YOU plus my carefully selected playlist of songs { both of which are for events and Wes Anderson films yet to exist in reality or even yet in your mind }, we hope to pay you respect.

Most sincerely,
A film and music lover

"It is larger than usual because it is more awesome than usual."

See and read more on this creative project including the Wes Anderson Film Festival trailer through the links below.

Alex Cornell {dot} com / Behance / ISO50

Please feel free to send me any song ideas for the "Song Suggestions for Wes Anderson" playlist. {See featured playlist on the sidebar.} I am not suggesting that Wes Anderson will ever see it, but if you can make that happen, let me know too!

Photos courtesy of Alex Cornell.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Business Stationery and Print Design Inspiration / Part 1

I am currently designing business cards, letterheads and thank you cards for Habitat for Hope so I usually start my graphic design process by looking at great examples I've collected, not just to get ideas, but more to remind and motivate myself to create a design at a level just as high as the inspiration shown here. All of these examples have a level of precision and editing that makes a minimal, seemingly simple design so exquisite.

Favorite image above is from Hofstede Design / Label placement over portrait is so intriguing. See the rest of the examples below with designer name and link before their work.

George Clark /

Wallstreet Different Creature /

Images from corresponding designer's website for Behance Portfolio. Some designers found via Graphic Exchange.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Asian Bees Photography & Style Sessions Photo Shoot

As a supplement to Mary Cashiola's Fashion Week series, I thought I would post the photo that came a close second in showing the last outfit posted today on her Memphis Flyer blog Style Sessions. The photo on Style Sessions shows off the dress better but the one above is absolutely my favorite photo of myself, and I really have very goofy snapshots of myself from the few I even allow to be taken. {The photo is taken against my favorite graphic wall in the empty floor above Formus where I work.}

After working with photographer Annabella of Asian Bees Photography for the first time and seeing the final shots, I knew she was a pro, especially since she never once said "1, 2, 3, smile and say cheese". No cheese here. I have to give her all the credit for coaching me in getting the right poses, so below I thought we could summarize a few "modeling" tips that I learned in addition to learning that I couldn't be a model. {I was a bit sore after holding some of those poses.}

Every shot Annabella always had to say:
"Arch your back."
"Put your chin down."
"Bend one leg."
"Relax your shoulders."

Boy did it pay off.

I would highly recommend Annabella for your next set of portraits. She said she would work anywhere even globally. If you want to book her for a session, please contact her by email or phone. or 901.383.0956

Photo courtesy of Annabella Brandon, Asian Bees Photography. Thanks again to Annabella for contributing her time and especially Mary Cashiola for presenting this showcase opportunity to us.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anthropologie Home ~ Interior Garden

Memphis, the day has finally come. Anthropologie has finished moving into Yia Yia Restaurant's old corner space within the Shops of Saddle Creek and will open their doors to shoppers {or admirers} today at 10 am. My purchases there have been limited only because, as a hands-on shopper, I prefer to wait till I pass through Birmingham and have time to stop at the Summitt shopping area on occasion. Even then, it's just a visit to try things on and eye the home decor knowing the car is too packed during the family trip to manuever in a chair. Now with a local store, the possibility is open. {If I can just figure out how to get some extra cash.}

The latest spring inspired furniture and lighting, I found online, may not be in the Anthropologie Saddle Creek location but I'll be there to find them to touch, feel and sit. See a list of my favorite items below tagged to photo layout above.

{4} Terai Folding / Paisley
Saddle Creek North
7615 West Farmington Boulevard
Germantown, TN
Open March 19 / Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm / Sunday 12-5:30 pm

Photos from Anthropologie. Graphic layout by Sophorn.


Unless you are off for the day, I would imagine you'll be catching the first day of the Anthropologie opening after 6pm which presents an opportunity for music lovers like myself to enjoy a great dinner and live local music after the shopping excitement. Just right down the way from Saddle Creek, Swanky's Taco Shop will be hosting Jamie Randolph and the Darkhouse at 10 pm. Click here for more info on Swanky's.

See the March line-up poster below designed by J Press Designs.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Style Sessions ~ Fashion Week

Find me on Memphis Flyer editor Mary Cashiola's Style Sessions blog this week. I'll be sharing 5 of my looks ranging from work to party outfits. A new look will post once a day starting today. The amazing photography is by Annabella Brandon of Asian Bees Photography.

Special thanks to Mary for the flattering invitation to participate and Annabella for making me look "fabulous." Also a big thanks to my mother-in-law Rosalyn for the beautiful scarf and cardigan in the sneak peek photo above.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Formus Architects Graphic Labels

Sneak peeks into the latest marketing graphics created for Formus Architects: I have been working with the logo as a sticker label to seal envelopes but also as "floating" labels overlayed on photos. The second image of the firm standing in Court Square outside our office {I'm the shortest one on the far right.} was created for the AIA Gala this weekend. The front side to this is one taken from the opposite side. I guess you'll have to go to the Gala to see it. Tickets are still available. Go here. Last two images are the back and the front of the custom stand-up calendar.

Photos and graphics by Sophorn McRae, Formus Architects.

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