Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Architectural/Engineering Marvel ~ Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel /Singapore by Safdie Architects
I marveled at the infinity edge pool on top of this hotel before realizing it was in Singapore, and my parents saw the project the last time they visited my brother. I also marveled at the three towers because it reminds me of a top secret project I had a little hand in with similar tapering that we were told made the towers unbuildable. Jeremy, your concept can be built!

Bottom photo by Timothy Hursley. Photos via Yatzer - found via Graphic Exchange.

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Favorite ~ A Gift from Singapore

Ever since I got this sweet gift from my little brother in Singapore, I've worn it every chance I've gotten. In fact, you've probably seen me out in the dress already. It's pretty versatile with different belts and ties, and even with the pockets out, it's a new favorite item in my closet.

Thank you so much John! Miss you!

Photos/graphic by Sophorn. Photo inspiration via J Crew's latest catalog.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Have a Lovely Weekend / Memphis Weekend Events

I love the weekend mostly because I can spend so much more time with Atticus. Here are a few Memphis events that he’ll be excited about.

Friday 8/27
~ Trolley Tour / Starting at 6pm in the South Main Arts District.
~ Memphis Redbirds Baseball / AutoZone Park Tonight through September 3 / Tonight’s game tonight has fireworks to end the night.

Saturday 8/28
~ The Farmer’s Markets all around Memphis / The flowers above are from the Memphis Farmer’s Market downtown.
~ River Run Race & Scavenger Hunt / 12pm to 3pm at Mud Island River Park. Click
here for more details on registration.
~ Fire Museum / Atticus is really looking forward to attending a birthday here this Saturday. Happy Birthday Collin!

Sunday 8/29

~ World Kosher BBQ Championship / 120 E. Yates Road N, Memphis / Games start at 9:30 am with events that are family friendly / Free Admission

Photo/graphic by Sophorn

Porta 4 Storage Sneak Peek + Thank You's

Before a week had passed, I wanted to say a few thank you's for making the Adapt-a-Door auction such a success, particularly for my team's piece. In last Saturday's auction, our Porta 4 Storage, I was told, went for $450, the highest of any entry! Although it did not win Best of Show*, I am very honored to say we at least impressed the winning bidder Marty Gorman, a great architect of modern design. Thank you Mr. Marty for continually bidding on our piece.

Thank you also to Susan, who I know based on your nice note on the blog, also tried to win. Thanks to Donna and June at Memphis Heritage for coordinating a great event.

More importantly, I'd like to thank the people who helped complete the piece. My great teammate Joe Yester who designed and built the piece with me. Enduring all the hot, sweaty days in the wood shop and handcarving some of the details was quite an accomplishment. Also for my dad and Christopher, unlisted teammates, I am grateful for your eagerness to help remove the paint and assist in the wood shop. And finally, thank you Atticus for hugging me tightly before I left for long hours at the shop saying "I want to keep you forever" but still letting me go. {That's why I am glad you accompanied me as my "date" for the auction.}

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Stay tuned for the full posting next week "Porta 4 Storage ~ Inside the Design" where we'll show our other design prototypes we studied as well as walk you through the design process. Photo above shows one of our favorite details ~ the magazine slots.

*Congrats to Askew Nixon Ferguson for winning Best of Show with their guitar "Door Jam". Photos by Sophorn.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Melissa Sweazy Photography ~ A Cinematic Eye

This inspirational set of images by photographer/writer Melissa Sweazy is a great example of capturing moments with a cinematic eye. They're ones I've collected for a semi film/photography idea that's a collaboration with another photographer, S Julian. Sharing these photos with another great photographer is in and of itself a huge compliment, but I still must point out how Melissa's work stands out in my mind. Alongside her obvious talent of capturing real moments like scenes from a movie, translating from her background in filmmaking, Melissa's images are visually minimal yet full of spirit. I'm completely entranced.

Melissa Sweazy

Photos by Melissa Sweazy. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Salon Loft ~ Hair Design

The Salon Loft has been in Memphis since October 2005 but has only occupied their new downtown location for about two years. This location is where I first took notice of the salon admiring the interior style and graphic sign through the corner storefront. As a small local business, the Salon Loft adds to the culture and image of Memphis. Owners Tonya and Excell Blanchard, like they say on their sign, make cutting hair an art form.

See the Q + A with Excell below to find out more about his take on hair designs and Memphis as a dad of two young kids. I also wanted to see his skills in action by giving him the privilege of being the first professional to cut Atticus’ hair. That haircut is well-documented after the Q+A.

Q+A with Excell Blanchard

Did you grow up in Memphis? If not, where did you move from and what brought you here? If so, why did you stay?
I didn’t grow up in Memphis, lived here previously, but actually grew up in Indianapolis Indiana! My senior year in high school, parents relocated here to Memphis, as a young adult I wanted to stay in Indianapolis and finish school, so I stayed! Furthermore, Memphis is cool in some aspects, not cool in others, altogether it’s the place I chose to live, work, and raise my family, so I’m good with that!

Do you have any background in anything else other than cutting hair that improves your talent as a barber? I would think a background in graphic design would help.
I have a great eye for being creative, and knowing how to make someone look good. I used to as a child love to draw! That’s as good as it gets!

What is the trend for hair in your perspective?
In my perspective hair culture revolves on an axis. You see styles come and go. What’s trendy now is low maintenance, easy care styles, while some people prefer more edgy styles. Mohawks are really in now!

What are some crazy requests for hair styles or designs you’ve gotten?
There isn’t a style that someone has come to me and asked, that I perceive to be crazy, while its about what they want, I’m here to give them what THEY WANT, WHETHER ITS CRAZY TO ME OR NOT!

Can a client just say give me what you think would look good and you just experiment?
Definitely! I get people in my chair all the time that simply sit back, relax, and let me do my thing –mostly my dedicated clientele.

What are some of your “don’t miss” things in Memphis?
Don’t miss the botanical gardens, Memphis zoo, my salon, Gus’s chicken, southern hospitality!

As a parent, what are your favorite things to do in Memphis as a family?
I love spending time with family, as I have 2 young daughters! Anything that makes them happy! Botanical gardens, zoo!!!, children’s movies, simply sitting down at a table at dinner is a goodie as well...walking our 2 dogs when we have time...watching us grow as family is great to watch a well!

To an outsider, what would you tell them about Memphis?
If you make 50k, you can live well in Memphis! While, the culture aspect needs a facelift, it takes time! I love Memphis!

Not until my visit did I find out that the women’s salon was tucked nicely in the back. From this photo you can see the other barber’s chair run by Richard Anthony and Rickey Lewellen. {Tonya is on the left and Richard on the right.}


With a lot less preparation than Excell normally prefers for more complicated designs, he came up with this simple off-centered design, making a little “a” for Atticus. Like I mentioned before, Excell essentially designed a great logo for Atticus.

The haircut in reality only lasted about 15 minutes, but we came prepared with books that occupied Atticus and helped him focus in one direction as Excell needed for his precision cuts. We were quite relieved it worked and I know Atticus will always remember a great haircut experience.

Thanks Excell for the great cut and design!

The Salon Loft
10 N. Second Street
Suite 105
Memphis, TN 38103
ph +1.901.521.4247

You may call the salon number for appointments but the personal numbers are preferred for appointments. They do take walk-ins.
Excell / Owner and Barber / 901.864.0503
Tonya / Owner and Women’s Hair Stylist / 901.949.4279
Rickey / Barber / 901.864.4390
Richard / Barber / 901.210.6867

The Salon loft logo and name was created by Jay and Jared Richmond. / Photos and title graphics by Sophorn.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Habitat for Hope / Save the Date 5% Day / Test 2

Test 1 used a reusable shopping bag graphic. Test 2 illustrates another shopping vessel that holds even more items, emphasizing the need to shop as much as you can on the next Whole Foods 5% Day to benefit Habitat for Hope. 2 options for a save-the-date postcard show a landscape vs a portait layout. I prefer the one below although the one above emphasizes the date much more. The next step, if this shopping idea is preferred by HFH, is making it look more like there are items inside the cart.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Plarn it! Reusable Bags ~ Shop Local

There are many reusable shopping bag designs out today, but these bags that my neighbor Sharon has crocheted takes reusable to another level. Plarn is yarn made entirely from used plastic grocery bags. By crocheting the plastic, the material is strong, durable, and machine-washable. Each Plarn it! bag saves 50 plastic bags from the landfill. Go to her etsy shop to purchase. Custom orders are available.

See the photos below of the variety of styles she has available with prices tagged to each photo.

{1} Blue Bag / Commercial Appeal Newspaper Bags / $17
{2} Brown Bag / $17
{3} White Bag with Blue Handle / $17
{4} All White Bag / $15
{5} Small White Bag with Blue Stripes / $15 {Perfect size for kids.}

Plarn it! Bags ~ Stylishly Saving the Planet One Plastic Bag at a Time. /

Photos at the Memphis Farmer's Market by Sophorn. Thanks to Sharon's little boy for helping out in the photos.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rock for Love Q+A ~ Amy LaVere

Today I’d like to welcome one of the headliners for this year’s Rock for Love who really doesn't need an introduction, the talented Amy LaVere. She’ll be performing at the day show Saturday at Shangri-La Records. Thanks Amy for doing the last minute interview!

Do you have any connection to the CHC other than as a musical supporter this year?
I am lucky enough to be on the Memphis Plan. I have used the Church Health Center on occasion when vitamin C wasn't cuttin' it.

What bands are you personally excited about seeing?

What can people expect from your live set on Saturday?
It will be the first show of a potentially "too-fresh to be in public" band. I have been working on putting together a new line up to tour with this year and it took some time to find the right chemistry of people. And although they are great musicians we will have had but 2 rehearsals and it's a little cruel for me to throw us out there but I want to honor my commitment to be a part of the Benefit and we'll have fun.

From what I read, you enjoy touring. Is that correct? Where have been your best experiences performing and/or visiting so far?
Touring may be my favorite part of being a working musician. It's always a great experience. I particularly loved the opening run we did in the UK for an artist named Sea Sick Steve. He had the best fans and it was a long run of big shows.

Where would you like to perform that you haven’t yet?
It's a really big world and the list is too long to put here.

Do you still reside and record here in Memphis?
Yes I do. I almost finished a new record here last month. I am going to London in a few weeks to record 2 more tunes and finish up the vocals. The producer lives there and has a studio. He also has a new baby and wanted to stay close to home so I'm going there to finish it.

You’ve had small parts in Memphis-made movies such as Black Snake Moan and Walk the Line. What kind of films are you interested in being involved in?
I just take it one script at a time.

Can we expect to see you in anything else soon?
I have a great part in a film that was shot here last year that hopefully will debut at the Memphis Film Festival. Brian Pera is the writer/director and the film is called Woman's Picture. I have a couple of other upcoming film projects in the works, The Romance of Loneliness, my first lead, and another film with Brian.


Thanks Amy and all the other musicians volunteering their time for a great cause. Don't forget Rock for Love continues tonight at 9pm at the Hi-Tone. See the rest of the weekend's line-up below.

Friday / August 20 / The Hi Tone
$10 / 9 pm /18+
~ The Dirty Streets
~ The Magic Kids
~ Skewby
~ Glorie
Emcee: Ross Johnson

Saturday / August 21 / Shangri-La
Sounds of Memphis Rock for Love 4 Day Party
FREE / Noon to 5 pm / All-ages
~ Amy LaVere
~ Oracle and the Mountain
~ The Near Reaches
~ The Burning Sands
~ Chinese Lanterns

Saturday / August 21 / The Hi Tone
$15 / 9 pm / 18+
~ Lucero
~ The Bulletproof Vests
~ Jeremy Stanfill
Emcee: Al Bell


See the other banner option below. I was going off the wind-swept curly hair but then thought it might too distracting to the photo. Well, the idea can be kept for another use later.

Photo via Cincy Groove Magazine.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rock for Love Q+A ~ Holly Cole


As an extra bonus, I’d like to welcome Holly Cole, performing tonight at Rock for Love with one of her bands Holly Cole and the Memphis Dawls. She was kind enough to do the Q+A below to talk about her music, Memphis and Music, and Rock for Love. Thanks Holly!

I'm not saying that there is nothing happening in Memphis, because there is. But if fame or career advancement is your number one plan, move to Nashville or Los Angeles(sorry guys) because we can smell goons from a mile away.
~Holly about Memphis vs. other music cities

Your Music

Can you explain your musical ventures for those who don’t know? I know you are playing Thursday as Holly Cole and the Memphis Dawls but you also have a new album out as Holly and the Heathens.

Well, In the beginning I would only play as a solo act. It wasn't that I was strictly solo, I was just kind of put off by having the responsibility of coordinating multiple schedules. The Heathens and the Dawls both fell into place so naturally, the possibility of having a band suddenly became reality. Holly and the Memphis Dawls(Jana Misener, Krista Wroten, and I) took on a more subdued, vocal and string driven sound, while Holly and the Heathens(Jake Vest, Brandon Robertson, Greg Faison, Krista Wroten, and myself) took on a more old country/modern rock sound. (If that's possible) Both of the bands gave me two different outlets for my original songs and both satisfy different musical desires.

Will you keep your country-tinged voice/music in your new bands?
Sure, I'm up for progress and change, but I can't imagine the country girl in me ever disappearing.

Where can we find your albums?
Both are available in Memphis at Shangri-La Records, Goner Records, and Spin Street. The first EP(Fearless and Free) is available on iTunes, CD Baby and the Makeshift Music website. The new record should also be available on those sites in the next few weeks.

Memphis and Music

Do you find Memphis as an ideal place for music in general and your music specifically? I’m just curious if certain cities breed certain types of music/musicians.
I think Memphis has something completely unique in regards to a music scene. Historically, Memphis gave birth to a groundbreaking era in music. Some of the most legendary performers came out of this town, so you would expect a scene packed with goons searching for a similar taste of fame, but this is not the case. People are here to play music and listen to music. I'm not saying that there is nothing happening in Memphis, because there is. But if fame or career advancement is your number one plan, move to Nashville or Los Angeles(sorry guys) because we can smell goons from a mile away.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start out as a performing musician in Memphis?
Play shows and record. Just don't stop playing music.


Is this your first time playing RFL?
No, I played the first Rock for Love a few years back.

What bands are you personally excited about seeing?
Although the entire line-up looks solid, I am especially looking forward to Skewby, The Magic Kids, The Bulletproof Vests, and Lucero.

Have you attended before as a fan?
Yes, Last year.

Many musicians benefit from the healthcare at the Church Health Center. Do you have any connection to the CHC such as that as a musical supporter this year?
I, myself, am without health or dental insurance at this time, so I plan on getting with the program and taking advantage of such an awesome opportunity.

What can people expect from your live set on Thursday?
The unexpected. haha, I had to say it.

Holly Cole MySpace ~ Make sure to see her tonight at the Hi-Tone.

Photo by John Kelso. Banner layout by Sophorn.

Rock for Love Q+A ~ Glorie

Today I’d like to welcome new band Glorie, one of the bands performing at this year’s Rock for Love benefit concert for the Church Health Center, which kicks off tonight, 9pm at the Hi-Tone. Glorie is made up of members Jason Paxton, Jeff Hulett, Jonathan Kirksey, Rob Brimhall, and Andrew Saunders. They rock out tomorrow night at the Hi-Tone. Below is a Q+A with Glorie’s creator Jason, Glorie’s multi-instrumentalist Jonathan, and Glorie’s bass player and one of the RFL coordinators Jeff Hulett.

Tell us about the start-up of Glorie. How did you get everyone together and choose the type of music to play?
Jason: I took a break from music for quite a number of years and went back to school. About 2 years ago I felt a need to start playing and writing music again seriously. I really wanted to create something unique instrumentally. Instrumental music is such a broad area of music that tends to not get explored a whole lot. It's very open. After writing a few songs and purchasing a vibraphone I recruited some friends that I used to play with in Delorean , Rob Brimhall and Andy Saunders as well as recruiting the very talented multi-instrumentalists Jeff Hulett and Jonathan Kirkscey.
Jonathan: Jason Paxton wrote the songs and then put the band together, so the music was already written when we got together.
Jeff: New Year’s Day 2009 Jason Paxton calls me out of the blue and asks if I want to play bass. I say well you know I play drums mostly right? He says, I just want to play with some people that are laid back and want to have fun. The next thing I know I’m learning bass parts and collaborating with a lot of people I’d never met. We played our first show last October and haven’t looked back. We’re having fun and creating some interesting music along the way.

I like how you don’t categorize yourself in any genre. Can you explain any definites about Glorie’s identity?
Jason: Glorie is all instrumental music. It's pretty moody introspective stuff that still brings the rock. We incorporate a broad range of instruments such as strings, pianos and vibraphone as well as your standard rock instruments.
Jonathan: It's all instrumental-guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vibraphone, and cello.
Jeff: It’s all instrumental and the way I describe it is that it’s music you might hear in a movie. Soundtrack music if you will.

How is your new album coming along? When will it be released?
Jason: New album is coming along great. It's been alot of work. Should be out in the spring.
Jonathan: We're mixing the album right now so it should be released maybe next spring.
Jeff: Jason and Andy are mixing the record as we speak in Dallas, Texas with Stuart Sikes. Should be released on Vinyl early 2011.

Are any Glorie band members in any other bands? Jeff, Is it true you currently are in 3 bands: you play drums for Snowglobe, sing lead and play guitar for Jeffrey James and the Haul, and now play bass for Glorie?
Jason: I don't play in any other bands currently. This is it. I used to play in a few bands back in the day, The Satyrs, Delorean and The Bloodthirsty Lovers
Jonathan: I play with Mouserocket, String Theory, Rob Jungklas, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and sometimes Harlan T. Bobo.
Jeff: This is true, although the most active out of the three lately has been Glorie. Snowglobe is working on a full-length movie in whatever time we can find and Jeffrey James & the Haul is working on some new material at the moment. Andy is in a band called Frasier and Jonathan plays with Mouserocket, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and Harlan T. Bobo.

What can we expect out of your live show at RFL 4?
Jason: Pure Rock to Kick you in your face
Jeff: A condensed version of our set but a powerful one. You just got to come and find out.

What bands are you personally excited about seeing?
Jason: So many good bands playing. The Magic Kids if I had to name one.
Jeff: Personally, I’m psyched about seeing Star & Micey on Thursday, August 19th. They’re super fun and get the crowd involved. Also, I’m pumped about Lucero. It’s going to be a real treat to see them play a show for charity in their hometown. They only play here a few times a year now since they’ve gotten so big. Even though the show will be packed it will still have an intimate feel if that makes sense.

Jeff about Rock for Love 4

How did you work to make RFL 4 different from previous years?
We added a singer-songwriter night, a rock n roll bicycle ride and took our auction online. Check it out at auction.infolexa.com – tons of great stuff on the cheap and all proceeds benefit the CHC.

You’ve got some great local bands known nationally such as Lucero and Amy Lavere. Has that gotten RFL4 any national attention? None that I know of but locally people seem to be pretty excited.

Is this RFL event the Church Health Center’s main fundraiser?
Our main fundraising event is our annual Race for Grace 5k but Rock for Love is definitely growing and helping us introduce our work and mission to a younger audience.

With the auction online, can people see any of items in person at the event like last year?
We won’t have any items in person at the shows because we want all the room at the Hi-Tone to be filled with people but I implore you to go online and check it out. auction.infolexa.com

What items will be for sale to benefit CHC?
We will be selling Rock for Love t-shirts and posters both designed by Sasha Barr, This is the New Year. We will also be selling Makeshift Music items including Makeshift #5, a compilation made up of tons of great local bands and musicians.

Thanks Jason, Jonathan, and Jeff!
Make sure to catch them Friday night at the Hi-Tone to help benefit the Church Health Center.

Tonight's Line-up / Thursday / August 19 /The Hi Tone
$5 / 9 pm / 18+
~ Star & Micey
~ Holly Cole & the Memphis Dawls
~ Teflon Don
~ The Candy Company

Visit Glorie on MySpace /glorierock
Photo by Mike Brown courtesy of Glorie. / Rock 4 Love Graphic by Sasha Barr. / Graphic header label by Sophorn.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adapt-a-Door 2010 ~ Clues to Our Adaptation

The Memphis Heritage Adapt-a-Door Design Competition and Silent Auction Party is this Saturday, August 21 at 7pm. And, my team MODOHome is still putting on the final pieces tonight so instead of sharing any progress or final photos I think it'll be more fun to share 3 clues that relate to it's 3 design surprises ~ the door number 4 from the original door, magazines, and grape green paint. You'll have to go the auction to see how those things are incorporated in the furniture design. {By the way, another big hint ~ our entry is called Porta 4 Storage.}

Memphis Heritage Adapt-a-Door
Saturday, August 21, 2010 / 7pm / Howard Hall / 2282 Madison Ave
Tickets are $17 in Advance / $20 at Door
Drinks and Food Provided
here to purchase tickets until Thursday night.

More Info ~ ph +1.901.2727 / Web / Email

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Atticus' New Logo { Loft Salon Sneak Peek }

Just around the corner from my office is the coolest salon/barber space in downtown Memphis ~ The Loft Salon. Atticus got his first professional haircut there about a month ago by owner and hair "artist" Excell Blanchard. He did this little "a" for Atticus on the fly, and I instantly thought if Atticus ever needed a logo, this would be it. Stayed tuned for the full posting this week. In the meantime, check them out today. They do take walk-ins.

The Loft Salon
10 N. Second Street
Suite 105
Memphis, TN 38103
ph +1.901.521.4247

Photos by Sophorn.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ways to Add Color Without Paint ~ No. 1

Wood Stain ~ This color in particular is beautiful next to the amber lit wood. The stain also preserves the texture of the wood grain. I also love the exterior glass and solid metal panel detail. Just all around inspirational. Now I'm on a search for the architect.

Photo by Pia Ulin via Graphic Exchange.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I Love Memphis Blog Banner and Logo Design


Click on over to the newly designed I Love Memphis blog to see my latest banner and logo design along with the side photo that has the logo floating on her arm. The blog is a great starting point for all that is Memphis along with more insider information. Check it out!

Lazy D.I.Y. ~ Wood Block Letter Reuse

I would like to think I'm a Do-It-Yourself type of person, but if one posts a D.I.Y., they would show step by step their own project. Well, this is not one of those posts, and I admit it's lazy and I'm kinda saying to you, "You do it yourself." It's sort of the best I can do now since I'm super tired, and the lack of sleep has invited in a bad cold. Trust me when I have more time, I would make Atticus a storage box with his name on it using the wood block letters I saw at the South Front antique market. See the idea I found via Graphic Exchange below.

South Front Antique Market
374 South Front Street {Downtown}
Memphis, TN 38103
ph +1.901.229.0299 or +1.901.527.0109

Web / Email
{ Store Hours } Tuesday to Saturday ~ 10 am to 4:30 pm

Top photo/graphic by Sophorn. Bottom photos via Graphic Exchange.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amber Glass Pendant Light { For Sale }

I found this bubble glass lamp at a vintage store in Memphis in hopes of hanging it in our hallway, but times are especially tough and we are purging and selling as much as we can. This particular lamp was so gorgeous to me even before I noticed that the style of lamp has become a new wish list trend based on the design blogs I read.

I have confirmed that it is not Italian glass but possibly American from the 1970's or 80's. Is is comparably rare to see this lamp as a hanging pendant. See the dimensions below:

14 in. tall
11 in. wide
12 feet of cord along with metal chain
2-prong plug

You can make me an offer before next weekend when it goes on e-bay. I would be so happy to find it a nice new owner locally. Email me with offers or inquiries at sophorn@hotmail.com

Photos by Sophorn.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Atticus' Best of Memphis { A Visual List + Q&A }

Although the Memphis Flyer's Best of Memphis 2010 list is yet to be revealed, Atticus' Best of Memphis list can definitely give us some insight to what a kid would love about Memphis. We had to gather his official list for 2 reasons: {No.1} We had to write our first letter to Halifa, a child we sponsor in Tanzania through World Vision, and needed to describe life in Memphis. {No.2} His cousins Wills, age 3, and Lib, age almost 2, were visiting Memphis for the first time. Given that they were dedicating just 2 days to seeing Memphis, the visual list of what they saw on their visit can only mean that these places are some of the best fun Memphis has to offer {according to Atticus.}

Photo above ~ Best Place to Run: Atticus and Wills race on the tram bridge headed to Mud Island River Park. It's shaded and breezy with great views of the city and the river. {To my discontent I found as I cropped in closer to the photo, Atticus is giving his notorious arm block a la Jack Black in Nacho Libre, a favorite movie of his. Sorry Wills.}

Photo below ~ Best Restaurant/Best Patio/Best Bartender/Best Drink: As mentioned before, he loves the Majestic Grille and his Shirley Temple. The patio is a favorite probably because it is adjacent to the South Main trolley line, his other favorite thing in Memphis.

Before we continue the visual list, see the Q&A about Atticus' life in Memphis written for his letter to Halifa.


Q&A with Memphian Atticus {Age 4}

Tell me about yourself.
I am learning to ride my bike. I like to ride over to a park near our house. There are fountains that spray water there. We run and play in the water. It is a lot of fun.

What is your favorite thing to do in Memphis?
Go to the Majestic Restaurant and get a red drink. Go to ride on the trolleys and look at the river.

What do you do at school?
I play on the playground. Draw pictures. Learn our letters and sing songs.

What is your teacher's name? Tell about your teachers.
Miss Karen and Miss CJ, Miss Jenna. Miss Karen loves to kiss us when we are good. I like her because she is very nice. Miss CJ gives us our lunch, so I really like her. Miss Jenna gives us stickers when we are good. I get a sticker almost everyday because I am a good boy.

Tell us about your friends at school.
Trip has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is nice. Liam races with me. Colin hugs me and races with me. Helen, my best friend, we play. Emerson plays with me. Umm. Curly blonde hair. Very pretty and now goes to a new school. I will miss her.

As interviewed by Poppy/Christopher.


Best Way to Make a Four-Year-Old Squeal with Glee: The trolley. Period. Not only riding in one but just the sight of a trolley, especially of their favorite color, is sufficient.

Atticus is the first of us to hop in. He then waves the rest of us in. Wills looks like he's on the verge of a squeal. Lib is fascinated with the ceiling and possibly the stirrups, which Atticus now calls the monkey bars. Reason why the photo does not show a hand holding on to them as I would have liked for the shot: I was too occupied with keeping him from swinging from the straps.

Atticus wasn't in the mood to pose for this shot, but I think Wills handled the spotlight pretty well. Then it was off to Mud Island River Park via the tram bridge. The walk was a bit long for Lib, so Uncle Charles helped give her a break.

Best Water Park: Mud Island River Park ~ a walk in the scale model of the Mississippi River cools everyone off. It was very hard to get the kids to leave. {Lib is obviously much happier than in her previous photo.}

Memphis is the BEST {said like Jack Black in the oh-so-quotable Nacho Libre.} Hopefully, Wills and Lib have been convinced too. See more of Atticus' favorites below based on what he enjoys doing often. *Asterick marks other things Wills and Lib also enjoyed during their stay that did not have photos for the visual list. Also, thank you to Shannon and William for driving up with the kids to see us.


Atticus' Best of Memphis ~ A Supplemental List
~ Memphis Zoo*
~ My Big Backyard*
~ Live music at the Levitt Shell
~ Rock-n-Romp
~ Peabody Park Playground and Water Fountains
~ South Main Trolley Tour
~ Redbirds Baseball Stadium
~ Jerry's Sno Cones
~ Cooper-Young neighborhood and neighbors
~ {More to be added later with links.}

Photos/graphics by Sophorn.
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